Skunk Problems in Arizona

Published: 30th June 2009
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There are four different species of skunks in Arizona, which can lead to some serious rodent problems. Learning about the potential skunk problems that you might encounter in Arizona can help you prepare for any unwanted pests that might try to make their homes under your porch or deck.

AZ Rodent Control -- Rodent Infestation and Skunks

Skunks are usually antisocial creatures. They do not spend much time with other skunks unless it is breeding season. The short period of time spent breeding, though, can create substantial AZ rodent control problems. When female skunks have a litter of kits, they can become very defensive. They want to find a safe place for their offspring, which means they might pick areas around, in or underneath your home.

Rodent Problems in Arizona -- Skunk Spray

Everyone knows that skunks can cause rodent problems with their pungent odor. They can spray people and pets from up to five meters away. The mothers become particularly anxious when they have new litters, so they are likely to spray at any sign of danger.

Other issues arise from rodent infestation via skunks as well. One of the most significant AZ rodent control issues is disease. Skunks are the second most common carriers of rabies. A skunk's spray cannot physically harm humans or other animals, but diseases like rabies can spread quickly through a single bite. This makes it important for homeowners to hire a rodent specialist in AZ whenever they find a den of skunks.

Rodent Infestation -- Why Skunks Invade Human Habitations

Skunks are opportunistic dwellers. They usually take residence in rabbit holes, hollow tree trunks or dens that have been built by other animals. This includes humans.

To a skunk, the area under your porch might look like the perfect place to start a family. It is well protected with few entry points and allows them to access food. Since skunks are omnivores, like humans, they are happy to grab trash out of garbage cans. The area under your house, deck, shed or porch probably looks like a dream home to most skunks.

Hire an AZ Rodent Control Professional to Handle Your Skunk Problem

If you find a skunk infestation on your property, then you should contact a rodent specialist in AZ that knows the best methods to remove them safely. It is often best to choose a rodent control company based in Arizona because they deal with many types of rodent infestation that are similar to yours.

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