Peskiest AZ Rodents

Published: 01st December 2009
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In order to get the best pest control services, Arizona residents need to understand the peskiest rodent problems in the area. While all parts of the country experience some rodent problems, there are specific types of AZ rodents that cause the biggest troubles for Arizona residents.

Biggest Rodent Problems in Arizona -- Roof Rats

Roof rats cause some of the biggest Arizona pest control problems for residents. These pesky critters have a knack for finding ways into attics. Climbing a tree and searching your roof for any possible entrance is no problem for this AZ rodent. Roof rats can cause serious problems once they get in.

Roof rats tend to live in attics, where it is hard to find them. Since most people use their attics infrequently, roof rats can live there for extended periods of time without drawing much attention to themselves. During that time, though, they chew up insulation to make nests and leave their droppings in areas that can include you home's ventilation system. Roof rats will also climb down the insides of your walls and gain access to your pantry, where they tear into packaged food and make a mess.

Those with rodent problems centered around roof rats almost certainly need the services of an Arizona pest control company. These rodents can multiply quickly and cause serious damage to your home and health, so you want to make sure they are eradicated by professionals.

Peskiest Arizona Pest Control Problems -- Pack Rats

Another pesky AZ rodent is the pack rat. Pack rats are indigenous to the American Southwest, so they make their homes in many parts of Arizona.

Like roof rats, pack rats can cause serious property damage by chewing on insulation, dry wall and electrical cords. They are also attracted to shiny objects, which makes it more likely that they will steal expensive items like jewelry. Once they have carried an item into the wall, there is little chance that you will ever see it again. Even if you or an Arizona pest control professional finds the nests, it is unlikely that you will find the valued item because these AZ rodents have the curious habit of trading the objects that they carry for other appealing items.

Rodent problems involving pack rats also pose serious health concerns for Arizona residents. Not only do they leave their droppings all over the house, but they also break into food containers, carry diseases and multiply quickly. If you see one, then there is a good chance that a whole family has built nests in your home.

Getting Rid of AZ Rodent Problems Permanently

There are lots of rat traps available on the market, but they can only offer short term solutions to your pest control issues. The real problem is that the roof rats and pack rats know how to get into your home. Hiring an Arizona pest control company that focuses on prevention as well as removal will help you eliminate AZ rodent problems from your home permanently.

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