Mice Problems in Phoenix

Published: 04th June 2009
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When it comes to mice, there are two species typically found in Arizona: the common house mouse and the deer mouse. If you live in Phoenix, your culprit is most likely the common house mouse.

While many might consider mice to be cuddly little creatures, they can be just as dangerous as any other AZ rodent. As disease infested creatures able to transmit murine typhus, Salmonella, plague, tularemia and more, a problem with mice clearly makes the grade as a serious issue in Phoenix pest control.

Phoenix Pest Control -- Characteristics of the Common House Mouse

The common house mouse is a small AZ rodent, usually no larger than 95 mm long. Hair color ranges from light brown to black. They are fast runners, reaching up to eight miles per hour. They're also good climbers, which means they can easily enter your home, contaminate your food sources and build nests wherever they want.

Methods of Mice Removal

If your mice problem is relatively mild, you may choose to handle mice removal on your own. If such is the case, you have some options.

Traps are the number one method for eliminating this AZ rodent. You can choose among many types of traps, including snap traps, glue traps, live traps and electronic traps.

Electronic traps are effective, but expensive. Glue traps also work, but are considered inhumane, as they can take several days to kill a trapped mouse. Snap traps are inexpensive and effective for mice removal, but can be dangerous with unsuspecting pets and children around the house.

Live traps are a humane approach to mice removal. However, many Phoenix residents find they don't successfully rid the home of a mice problem.

One other option for mice removal is poison bait. However, like snap traps, poison can be dangerous to have around the house when you have kids or pets.

If you have more than a few mice, which can often be the case, it's best to leave your mice problem to a specialist in Phoenix pest control. These AZ rodents are on the pest list for a reason. With a qualified pest control specialist in Phoenix, mice removal is handled quickly and effectively.

AZ Rodent -- Preventing a Future Problem With Mice

To prevent a future mice problem, seal all entryway to your home larger than one quarter inch. Ask your Phoenix pest control specialist about which sealant to use in order to prevent this AZ rodent from gnawing its way back into your home.

Proper storage of food sources can also help keep a mice problem a thing of the past. In addition, removing debris from the yard and regular weeding and gardening will help prevent this little AZ rodent from nesting on your property.

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