How to Get Rid of Pack Rats

Published: 04th June 2009
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Arizona residents may have to contend with the occasional household pest. However, whether you live in one of the major urban centers, such as Phoenix or Scottsdale, or in the suburbs or rural parts of the Grand Canyon state, the uninvited guest can turn into a serious concern when your home falls prey to a pack rat problem.

If your home is being overrun by a pack rat problem in Arizona, read on to find out how to get rid of rats and eliminate the problem for good.

Pack Rat Arizona -- Rodent Characteristics

Pack rats make their homes in Arizona out of preference for the desert climate. You can tell you have a pack rat problem on your hands if the rodent in question has a bushy tail, a white underbelly and brown or grey colored fur.

If you find tiny objects in strange places throughout your home, this could very well indicate a pack rat problem. The Arizona pack rat tends to scavenge, collecting small shiny objects for nesting grounds, and will typically exchange things for a great new find.

Get Rid of Pack Rats -- Rat Trapping

Some homeowners prefer to try their hands at pack rat elimination before calling a rodent exterminator. Depending on the magnitude of your pack rat problem, you might think it feasible to get rid of rats on your own.

Among the most effective methods for pack rat elimination is trapping. There are numerous traps available on the market, including glue traps, snap traps and no kill traps.

When handling pack rat elimination on your own, you may discover that no kill traps are ineffective in eradicating a serious pack rat problem. Additionally, while glue traps are effective, many consider them inhumane.

Snap traps are a preferred way to get rid of rats. However, if you choose this method, purchase the right size traps. You'll also need to keep the traps out of reach from your children and pets, so they don't unknowingly step into them.

Depending on the situation, pack rat elimination on your own can be bothersome an unsuccessful. If your attempts have proven futile, call in a professional for removal and eliminate your pack rat problem for good.

Pack Rat Arizona -- Prevention for Lasting Pack Rat Elimination

Following successful pack rat elimination from your home, you'll need to adopt some preventative measures to get rid of rats once and for all. The pack rat in Arizona can squeeze through small spaces. Be sure to seal the entryways to your home.

Additionally, tightly seal food and waste in rat proof containers. Keep your yard free of debris, as twigs, compost, wood piles and refuse are a nesting haven for the Arizona pack rat. In addition to the aforementioned steps, regular gardening and lawn mowing will prevent a future pack rat problem.

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