Dangers of Roof Rat Droppings

Published: 04th June 2009
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The need to keep problems with roof rats under control is a common concern in Arizona. Homeowners and business proprietors throughout the state are at risk for this type of rodent infestation.

A roof rat problem goes well beyond the average pest control issue. While it's true that most rodents carry diseases and can wreak havoc on residential and commercial property, keeping roof rats under control is a top priority. Learn more about the role of roof rat droppings in the spread of disease and find out why a roof rat problem merits the immediate need to call an Arizona rat control specialist.

Arizona Rat Control -- Roof Rats and Diseases Carried

Due to the threat of disease, a roof rat problem in your home or business is a major cause for alarm. Roof rats can carry any number of viral and bacterial infections including Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, plague, Murine Typhus, Leptospirosis, Eosinophilic Meningitis and Rat Bite Fever. With the deadly threat of illness, the need to keep roof rats under control in Arizona is a serious public health concern.

Roof Rat Problem -- Disease Transmission and Roof Rat Droppings

If you have a roof rat problem, be aware that the spread of disease can occur through more than just a rat bite. With that said, an Arizona rat control specialist is the best way to keep you, your loved ones and your associates safe.

Coming into contact with roof rat droppings is easier than you might think. Toxic concentration of infectious bacteria can be transmitted through roof rat droppings and urine. If you neglect to keep roof rats under control in your home or business, they will eventually take over your food and water sources, leaving roof rat droppings behind for you to unwittingly ingest.

If your home or business is subject to a roof rat problem, disease transmission can be as simple as breathing in dust particles from roof rat droppings. The problem is amplified when these rodents decide to build nests in your air vents.

Arizona Rat Control -- Safe Removal of Roof Rat Droppings

Removal of roof rat droppings can be dangerous and should be handled by a qualified Arizona rat control specialist. Upon eliminating the roof rat problem from your home or business, a professional in wildlife management services can clean the contaminate areas safely and effectively.

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