Common Household Pests in Arizona

Published: 30th June 2009
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Homeowners in Arizona should look for several different types of common household pests that could invade their homes. These pests include birds, mammals, spiders and insects. It makes sense to hire an Arizona pest control company to eliminate these creatures from your home before they cause any significant damage because Arizona, like other regions, has its own specific pest problems. A qualified AZ pest control company helps ensure that you will get the removal services that you need to keep your home safe.

Common Pest Control Issues in AZ -- Birds

Any bird could potentially roost in your home's eaves, gutters and attic. However, pigeons are the most common bird that creates a pest control issue in AZ. These birds multiply quickly and know how to infiltrate the smallest openings in a person's home. Any Arizona pest control company with a few years of pest control experience should know how to recognize signs of a pigeon infestation, remove them and prevent them from returning to your home.

Arizona Pest Control -- Common Mammalian Household Pests

The two most common mammalian household pests in Arizona are rats and skunks. Arizona actually has two different types of rats. Roof rats can enter the home by climbing trees and finding small entrances in the roof. These large, black rats can cause problems by chewing wood and drywall, eating food, contaminating areas with their droppings and even biting people in your home.

Pack rats are not usually aggressive, but they can cause plenty of household problems too. Like roof rats, they chew wood, drywall and food packages. Some people also report that pack rats will steal jewelry because they are attracted to colorful and shiny objects.

Arizona pest control companies should know the differences between these two species, making it easier to remove them from your home and prevent them from returning.

Arizona has four species of skunks. You will want to contact an AZ pest control company to make sure these pungent animals do not spread disease around your home. Skunks are one of the leading carriers of rabies, so it is important to hire a professional pest removal company instead of trying to remove them yourself.

AZ Pest Control -- Common Household Insects

Arizona has many of the same household insects you might find in other regions throughout the U.S. AZ pest control companies should be familiar with removing pests that are not common to other areas as well.

Insect species unique to Arizona include scorpions, black widow spiders and Arizona brown recluse spiders. These creatures are poisonous and often very aggressive, so you should not attempt to eliminate an infestation on your own. Professional AZ control companies, though, should know the proper ways to remove these pests for good without putting anyone in danger.

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